Strategic Digital Marketing Plans

Start with Strategy to Maximize Results & Grow Sales

Effective Digital Marketing Starts with Strategy

Optimize sales performance and experience smart growth with an Strategic Digital Marketing Plan. This is your roadmap to online marketing success.

Achieve your revenue growth goals by partnering with us to make the right digital marketing decisions and commit to a proven course of action.

Digital Strategy: the Translation of Value

  • Build a strategic digital marketing plan.
  • Determine key benefits and pillars of thought leadership.
  • Identify digital marketing goals and more.

Strategic Communication: Content that Works

  • Write content that communicates value
  • The right content to convert leads and get your website found.
  • Content to keep your company top of mind.

Inbound Marketing: Attract People to Your Brand

  • SEO, content marketing, email marketing, digital ads, social media, influencers and more.
  • Select the digital tactics to reach your sales goals.
  • Automate emails, score leads and convert them into sales with HubSpot.

Lead Conversions and ROI: Set Smart Goals

  • Digital marketing reports that make sense and make a difference.
  • Determine the tactics that work best based on specific and measurable ROI goals.

Get Clear Direction & Focus with Your Digital Plan

Identify Clear Growth Goals

Competitive Analysis and Positioning

Key Benefits and Offerings

Pillars of Thought Leadership

Strategic Messaging

Website Layout and Content Flow

Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

Featured Services and Products

Strategic Website Design

Recommended Website Navigation

Inbound Marketing Tactics

Marketing Automation Plan

Content Calendar and Campaigns

SEO and Keyword Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy and More

Achieve Your Revenue Goals and Greater ROI

A digital strategy and plan works when built upon a clear understanding of your future customer’s problems, wants and needs. You’ll find no “one-size-fits-all strategies” here. Results matter, and we deliver.

1. Get Found and Heard

You need the right digital marketing strategy to reach your audience. Our custom approach works to exceed your sales and marketing goals.

2. Make a Connection

Your digital presence is the foundation of your marketing efforts and sales growth. People reach out when they see what’s in it for them.

3. Get Marketing Results

We fill in the gaps on your team with expert knowledge and skills to create innovative digital solutions that generate leads and a solid ROI.

A Strategic Digital Plan Answers Pressing Questions

How to generate more qualified leads and more sales?

Where should we spend our money?

How can we get the most out of our website and SEO?

How can we retain and add customers?

How do we use email marketing effectively?

What is the best use of social media content?

How much will digital marketing cost, and what’s the ROI?

Where are we missing opportunities?

Get Digital Conversion Strategies That Work

Establish a measurable conversion strategy.

Develop workflows and digital sales funnels.

Review Google Analytics & HubSpot data.

Define goals and track progress with digital stats and reporting.

Get marketing and sales alignment by integrating digital leads into the sales process.

Get regular digital marketing meetings to review action items and marketing reports.

10 Steps to Digital Marketing Success

  1. Write a strategic Digital Marketing Plan.
  2. Perform a competitive analysis and industry analysis.
  3. Iterate the plan based on customer feedback.
  4. Research search engine keywords.
  5. Write story and brand-focused taglines and content.
  6. Develop a content marketing strategy and schedule.
  7. Launch an email newsletter program and build email lists.
  8. Use Google Analytics to track conversions and measure ROI.
  9. Schedule digital marketing meetings to review stats.
  10. Make frequent pivots and grow the business in changing times.

Key Digital Metrics from Google Analytics

  • Traffic Sources and SEO Page Rankings
  • Site Visitors – New and Repeat
  • Page Visits, Durations and Bounce Rates
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Clickthrough Rates and Conversions
  • Funnel Conversions and Milestones
  • Deal Sizes and Number of Deals Closed

Digital Marketing Plans Determine Digital Tactics is a full-service digital marketing agency. The strategic plans we write lay the roadmap for the digital tactics to grow sales or recruit high level team members.

You get strategic digital marketing, digital content, website design and WordPress development, inbound marketing, HubSpot automation, SEO and digital ads—the works.

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